Saturday, January 23, 2010


Try saying that 5 times fast!
How goes your weekend? Mine, last one before school starts on Thursday!! Woot Woot!!! Really, I love my kids, I just love them more when they are at school ;) I love our school routine.

Lisa and I were tweeting last night and she too has been suffering from 'lost sewing mojo'. So we having a little sew along to get things moving. What to join in?! Go on! Don't think about it. Grab something out of your stash and just do it. You know there is enough fabric in there ;)

So what are we making? A cushion cover! Easy peasy! Lisa has the same Aunty Cookie panel and if she can find it she is using that and I'm using some lovely fabric from Belinda that I won in her give away...

I'm just going to wing it but if you would like here are a few links to get you started, no zips or buttons but if you want to use them go right ahead! You could also do a pin cushion! Quick and easy. Nothing to tricky. After all we are trying to find our sewing mojo, not run it completely out of town!

So go! Raid your stash and get sewing. You have 48 hours! Make sure you let me know if you are joining us xox


Lisa said...

I found my panel... now to pick out some backing. Lets hope I get my mojo back with a quick twitter-sew-a-cushion-along

Copper Patch said...

Excellent idea. Hello MOJO!
Me thinks I'll go choose some fabric now and get stitching tmrw.
Ab :o)

ZippyZippy said...

Ok I will join in, have to tidy up my craft mag mess first, happy sewing ladies :)

Posie Patchwork said...

Hang in there, my 4th started primary school last year & now he's 6 - i suddenly feel like i am not being pulled in a million different directions in school holidays as they can all swim, they all play together, some even like a bit of space & quiet time in their rooms - it happens!!
So while i can't wear them out mentally as school does, i can certanily exhaust them with swimming & playing.
I've managed to get so much done today, very pleased with myself. Might have taken 10 years in business but it's all coming together, children, work, absent husband - being a wife takes up lots of time!! Love Posie

Amanda said...

Sounds like perfect motivation to get back in the swing of things. Wish I could join along.

Lovin' the fabric!