Saturday, May 2, 2009


We’re moving! Just up the hill and around the corner. Still, it’s a move, and with 4 kids and a house full of stuff I just want to close my eye and open them when it is all done. We have been up here for almost a year and love it. Hope hubby keeps his job so we can stay long term. My oldest has had 2 preschools and 3 schools and she is only in year 3! I know madness! So it is really important to me that we don’t more again until she is in high school.

Part of the reason we are moving is to try and save rent. Darwin is the most expensive capital city for rent in the country, something to be proud of, or so it seams…..And the other part is this….

We have 4 builders currently on this block….

Block of land cleared behind getting ready…..

And once finished probably before the end of the year (usually take 3 months to build) we would have 6 neighbours on our fence line!!

And yes, they are that close!! About 4 metres. Not sure if I should be saying good morning to the builders while hanging out my undies or not….perhaps not, but you get the idea!! So I am pretty jack of the noise and dirt and lack of privacy. So were off, again, hopefully the next move will be into our own home!

Next time, something crafty.....

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Duyvken said...

Hi Bianca,
all that building would drive me nuts. We have lived next to quite a few building sites but never that many all at once! I wanted to pop in to say that I also have 4 children and my oldest is also a girl and she is also in yr 3.
I hope the move goes well!