Friday, May 22, 2009

too much...

So I'm going to have a wee bit of a whinge. I have added pretty pictures of the only sewing I have done this week to give those of you not interested something to look at. 

See the pretty little lady bug!

So we're moving and it sucks and I don't want to do it. But I am going to because I hate the builders more. This is will be our 5th move in 5 years, 3 moves were interstate. So I am well and truly jack of it. Hubby is at work until the day we take over the lease so I am left to pack, care, feed, clean, organise etc the 4 little ones. On top of that we have been sick. So no full nights sleep here in over a week. Crap!

And this lovely little number!

On top of that moving craziness, my friend with the PND is in the mother baby unit recovering and will be for some time. So I am thinking of her and her family and reliving some of that yuck and black and shit from my experience.

This one is my favorite! Little tiny lady bugs and mushrooms.

And to0 add the icing on the cake, my family of origin is falling apart. Not necessarily a bad thing, just not good timing for me!! I want to jump up and down and scream 'what about me, it isn't fair! I've had enough and I want my share!' But I wont. Instead I will whinge and take a deep breath and start again tomorrow.......


Kylie said...

Hugs - hope that you are feeling better.

I found you via Retro Mummy - and thought that I would just say Hi. We used to live in Darwin (did a three year stint up there ) And we love it too - hoping for a posting up there at the end of the year - so will let you know if we wnd up in the same place.

Hope your friend is ok and family work everything out.

ZippyZippy said...

What are those little things for?
I say jump up and down, you will feel better!

Bron said...

Hang in there - great to see you've at least done some sewing - shows that you have some level of sanity, and are at least able to prioritise the important things in life!
I am about to clean up the kitchen (9.50pm) that hubby said he would do... hmmmm... I understand the 'what about me' feeling - eat your heart out Shannon Noll! Love and hugs to you, you, you and you. ALL FOR YOU.

Hazel said...

Ohhh, moving is just soooo stressful - especially without sleep! We've moved a fair few times and I hate it! It'll soon be over, once you're in you can take your time unpacking! I love the little bug material - are they little bags? They look so sweet! Hope your friend is okay! All the best!

Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

Thanks for the kind comments ladies! They are yo-yo's to put on the quilt I have been working on, that I now need to unpick an hours worth of quilting on....bugger! xox

Duyvken said...

THose a gorgeous! I feel your pain re: moving. We've done more than our fair share as well. I hope it goes well!!

Little Miss Moi said...

Hi Bianca. Another moving victim here. Haven't done it so much as you (yet), but am currently waiting for all our stuff to come together - we shipped 25 boxes from Ukraine on 7 March, and it arrived in the country four days ago (still has to clear customs and quarantine, THEN get freighted to Darwin from Brisbane!). Then we have a bag full of baby stuff that we had to send as excess luggage from London around 25 March. It's in the country, again in Brisbane, and should be here in about two weeks. THEN we have all of our stuff from storage in Brisbane that we sent up a little over two weeks ago, which wridgways seem to have LOST, and are telling us we're not going to get until sometime in June. I mean, how long does it take for them to drive something from Brisbane to Darwin?! ARGH!

Sorry, that was my jumping up and down moment.

I hope the move goes well. I really would offer to come and help you out, but we don't have a car and I tried to catch a bus out to Nightcliff one day and they driver said I had to fold up the pram (with a sleeping baby, ha!)