Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy :)

Happy Mail Day!! Seriously happy. Love it when there is only lovely things in there just for you :)
Today is that day. Days like this are few and far between I might add. 4 kids = lots of bills.

First package super cute fabric, including some Aunty Cookie, yo yo's with the sweetest little buttons and ribbon. All from the very generous and naughty Kate

And I was just about to comment on the winner of retromummy's massive give away when I herd the tell tale 'beep beep' of the parcel dude...

 Great timing :P These cuties are for the shop, will be made up later in the week :)

And these are for me :)
I couldn't decided so I got both...and I don't have to hind them from hubby!! I paid for these all by myself :) Woohoo!

I just love how pretty they look on the side, don't you? xox


One Flew Over said...

So glad you like it!! But was only a thank you for your lovely generosity xx

Corrie said...

gorgeous....the charm square packs are so gorgeous I'm going to keep stocking them when new ranges come out! so glad it all arrived safely...even thought it takes a week to get there!


Renee said...

I like the Hunky dory range too - the charm squares look really pretty!

Tracey said...

Oh such pretty pretty mail. Loving the Hunky Dory Charms, might have to get some too.

Copper Patch said...

Wow all of your goodies look great. No doubt you'll have lots of fun with. Well done on earning and more importantly spending your moulah!

sweet emmelie said...

good on you! love the colours and fabrics, ever so purdy!

Amanda said...

Lot's of purdy stuff...Love that you admitted to hiding stuff..:P I'm guilty of that too """rarely""" haha