Thursday, November 12, 2009

my creative space

Busy busy busy!
Restocking my shop. 5 sales this week!! Ekkkkkk!

Lot of late night sewing on the kitchen table.
Feel like my eyelids have razer blades in them!

We have also had a very scary experience this week.
Boy one was knocked over by a car. He is fine. Few bruises.
We were visiting a girlfriend and her neighbour first backed out and hit my car, then after a brief chat she got back in and continued to back out, lost control, hit a pole and knocked Mr 3 down.
But we were incredibly lucky.
Soooo luck...half a second more and.....I can't even think it.
So hug your love ones tight, so tight

More spaces over here xox


Vickie said...

way to go girl..oh my glad there was no serious injuries ekkk,hey I just sent u an email too,cheers Vickie

willywagtail said...

That is incredible. So glad the little one came out of the accident without too much trouble. Cherrie

Anonymous said...

that is a relief and close shave for your little one. hope he recovers from the bruises and shock. *sends my best wishes*

bingo~bonnie said...

first backed into your car? and then hit your son??? Oh I think I would have had to have killed her!

I'm glad all is ok with your son but seriously that woman should not be driving!!!

Tammy James said...

OMGoodness Bianca that just freaks me out, now was this woman just not paying attention, a terrible driver or was there something wrong with her car?
Congrats on all the sales sweetie!

Amanda said...

Yay for sales..WHOOHOOOOOOO

And Thank goodness your little one is ok...I have to say that is one of my biggest fears these days. Especially since my older ones love to chase dad to the car. And the little one usually gets lost in the mix. So so so glad to hear it wasn't worse!!!!

Kate said...

Oh Bianca what an awful thing to happen. I am so relived to hear that a few bruises were the worst of it but still...pretty scary stuff. Hooray for the 5 sales!!

One Flew Over said...

So sorry your little man was hurt but really happy to hear it wasn't more serious x

rachelmp said...

What a shocker! I'm glad your little boy was okay and hope your car isn't too bad. Amazing. Nice sales too!

Corrie said...

oh my gosh what a miracle he is unhurt! what dramas! I would be the hysterically screaming woman they would need to take to hospital....hope you recovered ok too!


Corrie said...

oh and great news on the sales! Way to go!


sweet emmelie said...

You poor thing, glad everything is alright. What pure releif. Good one with the sales.

Nikki Cardigan said...

It's so great to hear the shop is going well Bianca. So making all the bias binding was definately worth it!!

Terrible story about your boy. I wonder if that lady should be driving at all?

Kelly said... scary! Glad to hear your little boy is ok. And great news on the sales. Your pencils rolls look fab :)

Catherine said...

Bianca I'm so glad to hear that your little boy is ok, what a horrible experience for all of you.:( Take care and so glad to hear about all your sales, that's so great!