Monday, November 9, 2009

it's started....

....Christmas present making

Big girl is stitching...for the first time on her own!!

Little girl tracing 'Merry Christmas'

Boy one is...well...helping!

Every year I tell myself I'm not going to leave it to the last minute and every year I do! This year I haven't even done my Christmas shopping!! Think I had to be more organised last year with a new baby in the house.
What about you?
I'm I the only one starting now??
And what about Santa?
 Does he bring handmade goodies in your house or store brought ones?
Oh the decisions.....xox


jaki said...

This is my first handmade Christmas so I have started making things already...I also have some store bought presents hiding in the cupboard.

Santa brings books and small gifts to our house so they will be store bought.

Great to see your kids sewing :)

Julie said...

What....starting Christmas shopping now....isn't it still ages away......oooo nooo.....just had a look......think I had better get cracking too.

Catherine said...

You're not the only one I will sadly admit.:( I have started making simple presents for friends children with a bit of store bought things inside. I have cheated a bit with making the same thing for many, just easier for me but this is my first year of handmade. For my girls I would say that things will be store bought, but I haven't started that yet either.

Amy said...

Well, you know un-crafty old me! Totally store bought here at our house :( Don't feel sorry for me though...I have not got enough time or energy (or talent!) to be amazingly crafty like you! Anyways,I have made it easy by just buying one big family present (was on layby in July!) so I don't even have to think now!

PS. I love it when you update! Sad but true that I check your blog every day now!! xoxoxoox

debra said...

Good for you ...being organised...those little kiddies look so contented and immersed...beautiful :)

Kate said...

Your children are gorgeous, I'm not thinking Christmas til 1st December.

Katie said...

Very cute :)

I have awarded you a Kreativ Blogger Award. Please pop over to my blog for details.

One Flew Over said...

It (Christmas) is 6 weeks away...I am freaking out!! At least you have some helpers!!

Pippi creates said...

Well done for getting started on Christmas already. I have a list of handmade items to give my family. I haven't started very man yet. Fabric belts for the sister in laws, funky skirts for my sisters, screen printed t for the hubby, bag for my Mum... The list is long, time is short. Good luck with your list!

Marilyn said...

Hey B,
Have not been round for a while (started studying again) and loved all the updates. Your birthday cake was amazing - a sewing machine! :) Also love the items in your shop. Congrats girl.
No christmas shopping done this side yet, probably store bought stuff as I struggle to sew a button on a shirt. Pfft! Not sure what I'll find in Newman ito presents ha ha!
Anyway, great to see the kids and glad you had a happy birthday.
Lots of love xxx