Saturday, November 21, 2009


Well I'm back!
Not that I really went anywhere, just been so SO busy! So hopefully over the weekend I can finally catch up on emails and blog reading. I miss seeing what you all all up to :)

I have learnt some interesting lessons over the past few weeks

People really do like what I make. And will actually give me money!

My husband and kids are more patient then I even imagined.

Never EVER list something you have yet to make, as things very quickly snow ball and the next thing you know you are pulling all nighter's to finish orders! True story...

There will be people that will copy what you do and sell it. Having no understanding or appreciation for how long you have worked on something to get it right. Karma will get you. Mark my words.
Note - talking about someone that I gave a wrap to as a gift, copied it and is now selling in the big town. Not those sellers on madeit/etsy etc. We are all selling different products and that is cool :)  

And I heart Jacob. More then Edward. And not just because he takes his shirt off...ALOT! And yes Brooke, I know he is only 17 ;)

These are in to my madeit shop.
Have a great weekend.
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Amanda said...

You go girl...So excited for you :)....Whoohooo

One Flew Over said...

It is such a shame when people copy others work and fail to link back to the original inspiration. I'm with you though...'what goes around, comes around' and the crafting community is small enough for this to happen.

Great to see you back. Did you get my package?

rachelmp said...

grrr copiers. But it is my biggest fear when I design something that someone will think I have copied their design.

I like Jacob HEAPs better but, I am in such a moral dilema with Ayden turning 16 tomorrow that I shouldn't be looking at all!

(dishi is my word verification)

Tammy James said...

Ripped off your design already??
MGoogness that was quick.
Happy to see it is all going so very well for you beautiful girl. xx

My One Brown Mouse said...

Well Said!!!

Your design is Fabulous, and the copiers will never have the same passion for the copied item as you will.
Here's hoping that Karma WILL bite them (I cant help imagining "Earl" with his list!)

Bron from 'bee loved by Bron' said...

LOVE the top one! And your labels look just great - well done! Look at that beautiful pile of cut fabric ready to go... at least I hope it's cut, and not just pretend cut for the photo - not that any of us do that of course!

Cath from chunkychooky said...

people will come up with similar ideas at the same time I think. Look at bunting- everyone is selling it. Who copied whom??? I agree its not worth worrying about.

Kelly said...

Wow they look lovely. I like the top one too..and I hope karma gets those that have copied your design...its not fair after all the hard work you have put into your design :)

Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

Just to be clear. Comp is good! There are lots of wraps and rolls out there and that's great. We offer people different things.
I gave one of the girls friend a present and her mum had copied it and is now selling in town. So that is not cool :(

Vickie said...

aww Bianca your work is %101% quality,I feel for this other person to copy what you made and sell it here is a tad rude but I don't believe it would be the same workmanship...cheers Vickie

Catherine said...

What a shame that someone is copying your work and selling it for money, not ok. Your work is fantastic Bianca and the design and colour is always great. Just know that yours was the original and the best!:)

sweet emmelie said...

Thats a real shame that someone who you would see face to face actually have the gumption to do something so outwardly rude and dishonest. Grrrr!!!!

clare's craftroom said...

Of course people want your stuff , it's great ! Don't worry karma is on it's way to the cheat !

Little Miss Moi said...

hahah you make me laugh. Firstly, I can't wait to hear this copycat story. Remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. You deserve the flattery, but not the ripping off.

And yes. He is 17. I thought that the movie painted Jacob much nicer than the book, urk! And the movie did not live up to my expectations. Needed the moody lighting to make it seem more supernatural, like the first one!

Little Miss Moi said...

but the action scenes were excellent! Still looking forward to eclipse ;) talk soon xoxo