Wednesday, November 4, 2009

what's hot and what's not

Playing along with Miss Loobylu again
Check it out and join in if you like.

What's hot
Wet season! Love it! Had a storm come though yesterday, first one I have been here for this year. Awesome! Sign of things to come I hope. However it didn't last long enough and then the hideous build up weather came back. If I hear one more Victorian complain about the heat down there I will scream! Try 35 with 90-100% humidity people! Sorry, that's really a what's not, oops!

Friends. Yep. I have a the greatest bunch of friends. Imaginary, bloggy and real.

Bolt. Totally awesome.

What's not
Washing. Sorting. Folding. Putting away. Gave up on ironing years ago!

The post office. What is with that?? Always lines and lines of people. Are there not enough offices? Do people not know how to pay their bills online? Why are there heaps of things within a child's reach? Even ones in the pram? And why is is easy to get in but always heaps of crap in the way so you can't get out without knocking stuff over?? Please explain Australia Post!

"Friends" who can't be bothered contacting you for your birthday. Even a happy birthday on my facebook wall will do....maybe we just aren't friends any more... :(

In other news have had another sale through madeit and one through facebook :) That totally rocks! xox


jaki said...

Oh I hear you on Post Offices...but then what do we expect when mail delivery is so hit and miss...don't get me started on mail times!!!

I just don't get how it can take a minimum 5 days from Brissie to Darwin...planes go there everyday!!!!!!

Great news on all your sales :)

Aussie-waffler said...

I really must get around to seeing Bolt, I've heard it's hot, hot to trot.

rachelmp said...

sniff.. why aren't you my friend on facebook :( hahaha Have to say that the washing is up there for me too. I call it a hobby. How sad is that

ZippyZippy said...

I thought you meant "bolt" as in bolt of fabric!

Claire said...

I love a good thunder storm - that is the trouble with Victoria - we get a bit of rain and occasional storms but only very rarely those lovely big exciting tropical extravaganzas. Thanks for playing along again. xx

Catherine said...

Washing, yuk o, why does it never end just when your basket is empty and looking ever so clean does more just reappear!(lol) I'll have to see that movie, sounds like a plan for the weekend.xo

CurlyPops said...

Jeez its so hot down here in Melbourne at the moment....hee hee!

Vickie said...

Hi Bianca, congrats on the sales..hmm as for the storm yep well all we got out her was a heck of a lot of budder bang and flash and no rain..oh maybe friends had a reason if not blah they is now an old friend.Oh by the way I don't envy you that laundry task one bit,cheers vickie

Renee said...

the only thing I iron is patchwork fabric!

Congrats on your sales!

clare's craftroom said...

Blow ironing mmm unless it's nice fabric for sewing .

Jessica (Fruit Loop) said...

Oh, I do remember the ridiculously long lines and slow Post Office workers in Darwin. Can't say I miss that about the place, but those beautiful big storms would go a treat right now! Enjoy!

Corrie said...

feel like doing some folding down here in sydney! that looks might neat folding there!

I need someone to do the washing for me.....there is so much to do but you are one person up on me so you probably have a system!