Monday, November 2, 2009


Lovely frangipani the kids gave me. Has 4 branches for 4 kids! So sweet!

So this is what 30 is...not so bad!
Thank you for all the lovely well wishes and ideas for mangos!
Unfortunately we didn't get to make any daiquiri's with this lot. I cancelled my party at home and went out with the girls instead. Family drama. But going out was a much better idea!! Just what I needed!! Six of my top end besties with no hubbys or kids (there was one but she was so good and cute!! and I did manage a few mango daiquiri's ;)

My darling friend Carolyn totally out did herself with the cake.
  A singer sewing machine!!
 Pictures are a bit dark. Will post more when I have some from her camera.

See the buttons!! And there was even a needle!! Everything you need to sew. Amazing!

And me. After a few and very please with my cake and my lovely supportive friends

Oh and did I mention what Hubby gave me?? No?? Well.....

an iPhone!!

Even with major family drama, turns out I had a pretty amazing birthday.
Thanks :) xox

PS. Have also had 2 sales on made it! Yay! Play money! xox


Catherine said...

It sounds like you had a great birthday with friends, Happy 30th Bianca! Love your new toy and congrats on 2 sales!:)

rachelmp said...

wooo hoooo! Sounds like a great birthday. Very jealous of your ... mangos!

Amanda said...

What a great birthday!!!! That cake is pretty darn cool and YAY for an Iphone :)

Bron from 'bee loved by Bron' said...

fantastic cake! Glad you had a good time!

Sally said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY - you young thing!
Congratulations on your sales too... how exciting!

Copper Patch said...

Happy birthday! That cake is absolutely fantastic. I bet it looked even better in real life too.
Congrats on your sales, very exciting when that happens.
Abbe :)

Polka Dot Daze said...

Happy Birthday to you! Wow an iPhone - you lucky thing. And two sales in your shop - well that's just icing on the cake isn't it?

Julie said...

Fab cake, sounds like a wonderful birthday. Yay for the i-phone, apparently when hubby updates his I will get the current one as a hand-me-down.
Tip of the day - don't smash the screen it costs $250 to replace, ouch!

Kate said...

Sounds like a fab birthday! Ace cake, night out with the girls, a frangipani, 2 sales and an iphone. Yay!! Doesn't get much better than that.

Corrie said...

Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!! I love frangipani's and iphone! you were spoilt!

I hate family dramas though so I agree go out with the girls, have a few drinks, a gorgeous cake and be merry. The family will still be there waiting for you tomorrow!!

and yay for madeit! well done! your sewing is gorgeous and looks sooooo well made!

my fabrics arriving tomorrow.....woohoo

Megs said...

Happy Belated Birthday! And thank you so much for your kind words the other week after reading LMM. Things are getting better and I am feeling a lot more in control - still don't like being isolated especially around this time of year, but just have to keep telling myself it's not forever. Well done on all your sales, isn't it exciting. My Australian sales have dropped right off, obviously because of the weather and what I sell, so trying to tap into the international side of things a lot more. Anyway, better get back to it xx