Friday, October 8, 2010

Thank you :)

Thank you!
I was so worried about blogging a little of my story. I have been thinking about it for ages. It was a really hard thing for me to say 'out loud'. Not many people in my current life know. So to make it really public is a big thing.
So thank you all for you kind comments, emails, tweets and facebook messages. I am a little overwhelmed at your kindness and understanding. Thank you :)

In other news, hubby has finished up at his job he has had for 3 1/2 years. Thanks a long time in mining. And a long time for us. Next week we start a new adventure in residential, campaign based work. So instead of being away 2/3's of the year it is likely to be less then 1/2! Ekkkk!!

Mmmmmm what shall I do with this extra time......!!! xox


Tammy James said...

Ok I missed something ... followed this link from twitter and am back to see what you posted yesterday now.

beck said...

I just read your post from yesterday Bianca, I'm so glad you shared this part of your life with us. Such a lot of blog land is happy & pretty (which is good too) but I really admire bloggers who tell is how it is, warts and all. I too have, and sometimes still do, deal with depression and had a time similar to yours in 2000. So I get where you are coming from, and I'm sure alot of others do too. It was so inspiring to read of the support you have from you partner & family, I bet they just love you so much. And that must mean the world to you. Thanks again for your honesty & for highlighting the need reach out to others who might be in need, much love xo

Amanda said...

oooh yay for more time with hubby and new venture, so excited for you!!!!

Renee said...

depression is an awful thing - my family is touched by it also and it is such a hard road that I wish we didn't have to follow, but we do our best. I'm glad you are doing well now Bianca, you are very brave for sharing part of your story here.
Take care,
Renee x

Naturally Carol said...

I have only just caught up on your post from yesterday too. Someone close to me attempted to suicide last year, thank God he failed. He has found it helpful to write when he can't talk about his distress, It helps him to sort through his thoughts. Thank you for communicating with us. I am so glad you have an amazing family.

Copper Patch said...

SEW!!!!!! And hang with me A x