Monday, October 4, 2010

do you garden?

Years ago we did. When the 2 big girls were little and we lived down south. We had an awesome veggie patch out the back. We had so many tomatoes I ended up pulling them out in June. It was a good year. And zucchinis! I love zucchinis. Especially Zippy Zippy's zucchini soup. YUM!!

Now, easy to grow, can't kill kind of garden.

And a gardener.....I love my gardener

I do, however know of this awesome veggie patch, over at Zippy Zippy's house. 
For the last few months they have been taking part in the kinder gardens. And now Jacquie and her boys have been short listed for the readers choice award!! Yay!! So please pop on over there and vote for them!! The poll is on the right hand side, one click and your done! Yay!

And if you don't believe me that they have the most AWESOME veggie patch pop on over to Zippy Zippy's and check it out for yourself! Truly inspirational!  xox

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Corrie said...

oh frangipani's my favourite! love love love them